ClaypoolC HiRes120 3 50mb lrLaser scribing allows much narrower lines than traditional mechanical scribing.  The process is non contact and reduces micro-cracking, HAZ (heat affected zones) and any damage to the substrate.  EDI offers superior beam quality—ideal for production requiring cleaner scribe lines, easy singulation combined with high production volumes at the highest quality. Scribe widths at EDI can be as narrow as .002” — an industry leader in ceramic processing!

Advantages of Laser Scribing Process:

  • Ideal for hard/brittle materials
  • Reduces micro-cracking, chipping and delamination
  • Offers tighter cutting widths which enables more parts per wafer or substrate
  • Cost effective, highly repeatable and reliable process
  • Used extensively in microelectronics, semiconductor and LED lighting industries

Laser Scribing Tolerances:

  • Assumption is 91% - 99.9% Alumina
  • Scribe Depth: 30 - 60% of material thickness
  • Pulse Spacing: 0.005” +/- 0.003”
  • Standard Dimensional Tolerances post breaking and snapping:  +/- 0.002
  • Standard Tolerance for slag (height):  < 0.001”