The fiber laser cutting machine cutting  machine cut the metal plate. The hi-technology sheet metal manufacturing process by laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting or laser processing is a non-contact process using the focused energy from a directed laser beam to continuously thru-cut the targeted material. The effects of the laser energy-material interaction are material ablation and/or removal of material. This process is assisted by using a jet of air or gas to remove heated material. Controlling both the laser beam and assist gas we are able to control and reduce the heat affected zone as well as the percentage of taper within the cut area.

During laser cutting the absorption characteristics and chemical composition of the material and the desired results greatly influence the selection of the laser type and power level.

Laser cutting allows for developers unlimited variations in their designs with micron accuracy.

Benefits using Laser Cutting:

  • Flexibility of design
  • Consistent process control with a non-contact tool
  • Eliminates tool wear or replacement

Laser Cutting Tolerances:

Hole Diameter .001” (material and thickness dependent)
Hole Taper 10% of material thickness

Specific Tolerances: (thickness dependent)

Edge to edge within a substrate ± .001”
Optical aligned tolerance .0005”
Maximum size 15” x 15”
Smallest feature .001”