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New Beginnings:
New Beginnings; Residential Treatment FacilityNew Beginnings is a dual diagnosis facility offering family-oriented intermediate care to individuals aged 13 to 20 recovering from addiction and similar problematic lifestyles. Here, people are challenged and supported in integrating the skills necessary for recovery.
The therapeutic regime has the capability to respond to the needs of both adults and adolescents, men and women, who are in recovery from addiction. The services are interdisciplinary and are designed to meet individual treatment needs of the person.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Machine

Every One Negotiates:
Your premier resource for sharpening your negotiation skills, strengthening your negotiation technique or providing negotiation training for your organization.

Peter Barron Stark and Associates:
Peter Barron Stark & Associates is a nationally recognized management consulting firm specializing in helping companies build stronger, more productive and profitable relationships between the management team, employees and their customers.

Marvin Marshall; Discipline Without Stress Punishments or Rewards
Marvin Marshall:
Discipline Without Stress Punishments or Rewards
How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning
The usual approach to discipline is to teach toward obedience using rewarding, telling, and punishing. These are all various forms of manipulation, pressure, or coercion--and often induce stress and resistance. By contrast, if an approach is used where young people are motivated to be responsible, then obedience becomes a natural by-product.